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Florestan und Eusebius
Florestan; "the wild"; and Eusebius; "the mild"; were contrasting characters created by Schumann to represent the duality of a person's personality. Florestan personified his more impetuous characteristics while Eusebius represented his more controlled and calm side. Florestan was created on Schumann's 21st birthday, 8 June 1831, and Eusebius on 1 July 1831.

Florestan and Eusebius appear as Schumann’s pseudonyms in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, in his piano compositions (for example, as pieces in his Carnaval Op. 9) and even as the composers of his Davidsbündlertänze Op. 6 and Sonata Op. 11!

A third character, "Master Raro", served as the mediator between the extremes of Florestan and Eusebius.

This fanlisting
I decided to create this fanlisting as I admire the originality of Schumann's compositions and I love the sensivity and pure romantic spirit of Schumann's music. Despite the fact that his works are rich in harmony, cross-rhythms,  polyphony and technical difficulties, his works are completely without virtuosic purpose.

Many of his works do not follow a 'set' compositional form, and I believe that this is because his aim was to set pure expression into music and therefore couldn't exactly follow a 'set' form; as after all, surely pure emotion cannot/should not always be forced into prescribed forms? :P